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Achieve Your Stem Cell Research Goals with Innovative Tools

SC Proven®

products undergo rigorous quality control procedures before release. The SC Proven stamp is your assurance that every product bearing our trademark meets impeccable quality standards.

Cell and Cell Lines

SC Proven cells and cell linesprovide research scientists with a range of tools for neuroscience and regenerative medicine research applications, including genetic re-programming and drug compound library screening.

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Cell Culture Products

SC Proven cell culture productsenable the standardized and reproducible production and propagation of highly purified stem cells and their differentiated progeny.

Our expertise in cell biology and stem cell technology has enabled us to develop and commercialize more refined and less complex cell culture products that are completely free of serum and other ill-defined components, which are known sources of undesirable agents affecting stem cell performance. These innovative, proprietary cell culture media formulations facilitate the production and differentiation of cells and cell lines required for use in cell-based assays.

We market our specialty cell culture media to help researchers optimize the derivation, growth and maintenance of stem cell lines.

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Antibody Detection Reagents

SC Proven antibody reagentsenable the superior visualization of human cells, including human stem cell populations and their progeny.

StemCells has developed a library of proprietary antibody reagents that have been extensively used for the isolation, as well as for the in vitro and in vivo characterization, of human stem cell populations and their differentiated progeny. These reagents are a powerful tool when combined with our cell-based assay formats and especially our immuno-deficient, in vivo rodent models.

We market a range of antibody reagents that enable researchers to effectively characterize cell populations and their biological functions.

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Purified Whole Stem Cell Lysates

SC Proven affinity-purified,  whole stem cell lysate fractionsenable scientists to more accurately test and validate their stem cell lines and associated genes and gene products by providing a reliable off-the-shelf benchmark against which they can perform intra-comparative studies, such as Epigenetic fingerprinting, Southern, Western and Northern blots, PCR, RT-PCR, and microarrays.

We offer unique total cell genomic DNA (gDNA), RNA and protein for your research and discovery projects. Our products are affinity purified from lysates of homogeneous cell lines propagated in our proprietary SC Proven cell culture media, and include mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells and mouse ES cell-derived and fetal tissue-derived neural stem (NS) cells.  

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Takara Bio Inc. has acquired the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the SC Proven products on a worldwide basis.

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